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It Is Time to Abandon Atlanto- Axial Joint Injections: Do No Harm! Posterior atlanto- axial ligament. Atlanto- Axial Subluxation in Rheumatoid Arthritis A Study of 104 Hospital Patients K. Jun 19, · Atlanto- Axial Dislocation And Fracture: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prognosis Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, MD, FFARCSI The atlanto- axial joint is one of the complex and important joint in the body. Although the joint is between C1 and C2, most of the literature describes it as the lateral atlanto- axial ( AA) joint rather than C1- C2 zygapophysial or facet joint. Anatomic variations in morphology of C2 and the course. The transverse ligament is of. Geometry of the articular facets of the lateral atlanto- axial joints in the case of occipitalization Article ( PDF Available) in Folia morphologica 69( 3) : · August with 128 Reads. Convex articular facets articulate with the concave facets of the axis. The atlantoaxial articular capsules are thick and loose, and connect the margins of the lateral masses of the atlas with those of the posterior articular surfaces of the axis.
Involvement of the cervical spine by rheumatoid disease is common, but lateral subluxation at the atlanto- axial level has not been recorded previously. In general, atlantoaxial instability can result from any defect, whether congenital or acquired, in the anatomical or functional integrity of one or more components of the atlanto- axial articulation ( odontoid, anterior arch of the atlas, ligamentous supports). Histological examination in the cadaver has shown thinning and fibrillation of articular cartilage and intra- cartilaginous ossification. Gross anatomy Articulations paired lateral atlanto- axial joints: classified as planar- type joint between the lateral masses of C1. Top Contributors - Evan Thomas, Daniele Barilla and Rachael Lowe.
Atlanto- axial, atlanto- occipital, and tectorial membranes. The radiological appearances of the atlanto- axial joint are classified in three types, lateral atlanto- axial, atlanto- odontoid and mixed. Atlanto- axial joint; References. Published in: Health & Medicine. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The atlanto- axial articulation is a complex of three synovial joints, which join the atlas ( C1) to the axis ( C2). Atlanto- axial subluxation is a relatively common finding in RA. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Artroza tratamentului articular atlanto axial. Upgrade to remove ads.
Peak age distribution occurs between 50. The condition is due to asymmetrical erosion of the lateral atlanto- axial facet joint, and may be complicated by collapse of the lateral mass of the axis. Zygapophysial joints are described from C2- C3 and below. Anterior atlantoaxial ligament. It contributes the stabilization of the atlanto- axial joint movement that overall allows 10- 15° of. To the skull by an articular complex with several ligaments. Jump to: navigation, search. Original Editor - Rachael Lowe. Posterior atlanto- occipital membrane: genetic traits can sometimes result in ossification, turning the groove into a foramen. The anterior facet of C1 is fixed on the facet of C2. This article incorporates text in the public domain from page 293 of the 20th edition of Gray' s AnatomyExternal links. It may be associated with dislocation of. Atlanto- axial subluxation is a disorder of C1- C2 causing impairment in rotation of the neck. Atlanto- axial subluxation, presentation, pathology, surgical management. Start studying Atlanto- axial joint. Anterior shift - attaches to anterior arch of C1 bilaterally via tubercles - confines the odontoid process within the articular notch on the anterior arch of C1 - Allows 47 degrees rotation - Non- elastic; fails suddenly.